New Roblox Markers and Secret Badges

Roblox Guide : How to Get All 6 New Roblox Markers and Secret Badges

We are sure you want to know. How to Get All 6 NEW Roblox Markers and Secret Badges The Markers epic memers group of Roblox users invented the Find the Markers game category. Your goal in the Find the Markers variation of the Find the Badge type game is to find the locations of enormous, brightly colored Markers that have been dispersed around Roblox landscapes.

The Battle for Dream Island online animated series provided the inspiration for the original Marker design, and the show’s creator gave the game developers permission to utilize the figure in their creation. Here’s how to locate every single one of the 150 Roblox Markers that epic memers have scattered in both obvious and incredibly well-hidden spots as of this writing.

Working Way 1

  1. Launch the game Find The Markers first.
  2. Go to the Mountain Biome after that.
  3. As soon as you arrive, begin climbing and overcoming the challenges.
  4. Keep looking for a pink marker as you rise.
  5. When you do, move toward the marking and attempt to squeeze through the adjacent wall. (Players can also switch to FPP or use the Shift button for greater judgment.)
  6. You will arrive at a Darkroom once you have successfully navigated the small wall gate.
  7. A glowing Earthbound Reference text is also written on the wall there.
  8. In the game Find The Markers, all you have to do is touch your body to the text to instantly receive the Secret Badge.

Working Way 2

  1. Start the game on your smartphone first.
  2. Then, proceed to the Mountain Biome and begin ascending it.
  3. When you arrive at the mountaintop, search for a crooked tree.
  4. Once you spot the tree, make an effort to pass through the next wall. (Players can also switch to FPP or use the Shift button for greater judgment.)
  5. Take a left and continue walking until you reach the path’s finish after successfully passing through the wall.
  6. And once you’ve done that, a room will open up to you with the glowing text “Earthbound Reference” on it.
  7. You’re fine to go if you simply contact the text with your body.

Gallery For How To Get All 6 New Roblox Markers and Secret Badges: With Location

Fun Facts for the Gamers!

  • When Roblox went public and its stock price shot up to the point where it briefly outperformed the worth of gaming titans EA and Take-Two combined.
  • More than 50 percent of Roblox players are under the age of 13.

How to get the Secret Badge in Roblox

Location 1: Space biome

The secret badge can be found in the Space biome if you can locate two items. The Old Marker is placed in the Olde Shop, whereas the Martian Marker is in the Space biome. You can use the side of a shelf to reach the original marking. Additionally, the Washable Kingdom’s flowerbeds are close by where you can find the Periwinkle Marker.

Location 2: Abandoned city

You need to find four markers in the Abandoned City in order to get the secret badge. To get to the first one, turn towards the Clock Tower and hug the side of the stairwell. The second marker is located in the Abandoned City, and to find it, you must first finish a brief obby and then touch a platinum box.

Location 3: Washable Kingdom

One of the Roblox locations is The Washable Kingdom. Climbing the transparent trusses strewn over the map will get you there. If you ascend the second stairs, you will be moved to the Washable Kingdom. A flower meadow, marsh, marketplace, castle, and mountain with chambers are all featured on the map of the Washable Kingdom. The Candyland Update gave this location a new tower to scale.

Location 4: Merchant Marker

There are many ways to find the markers in the Find the Markers game on Roblox. The web series Battle for Dream Island served as the inspiration for this hidden object game. The creator of the game has permission to use a few of the props and characters from the series. The object of the game is to locate markers—which are hidden places—by following hints.

Location 5: Potion Marker

If you want to unlock the potion marker hidden badge in Find the Markers, you need to finish a few tasks. You must first and foremost understand the rules of the game. Instead of following a straight line and clicking on random markers, you must go to every location to find out what each marker achieves. The marking will be simpler to find as a result. The object of the game is to locate markers—which are hidden places—by following hints.

Ending Note On How To Get All 6 New Markers and Secret Badges in Roblox!

That’s it for our guide on How To Get ALL 6 NEW Markers and Secret Badges in Roblox. Let us know in the comments below how many badges you have and which ones you’re trying to earn!







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