Cloud  is the  future  of gaming

Image Source : Google

When was the last time we bought a CD or downloaded our favourite playlist, or put our gaming console to good use?

Since the integration of cloud technology in multiple applications across the virtual world, the ‘download’ button has been rendered redundant.

‘The cloud’ refers to servers that are accessed over the Internet, enabling users to access their files and applications from almost any device.

Cloud gaming involves the processing of only the game in the cloud – graphics, characters, backgrounds, operations-basically all the game’s content.

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is the backbone of the cloud, allowing providers to scale their platforms for new applications and expand existing ones to larger audiences.

Users across continents collaborate via the Cloud, Content Delivery Network (CDN) software becomes a crucial component that routes the delivery of digital content.

With gaming going online, a robust ecosystem has developed around it. Saying Cloud technology is the future is to state the obvious.

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